Desktop Faculty Development

Desktop faculty development is a term coined by Rick Reis at Stanford, and like many faculty I find that most of my professional development often occurs that way. When I have questions about a topic, I immediately begin a web search looking for common terms. Next I hit the libraries, and finally specific books on the topic. Attending conferences helps to broaden my general awareness of topics that I investigate further at my desktop. Talking to experts about whatever I am studying is another part of the process. If I can’t meet the experts at a conference, most researchers are open to inquires via e-mail, or even a phone call or video chat.

Here are regular resources that I rely on:

Tomorrow’s Professor is a listserv sponsored by the Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning. Once subscribed, you will receive routine emails containing articles, advice, and other worthwhile reading about life in the Academy.

Faculty Focus  is a newsletter that offers strategies for traditional, online, or hybrid teaching. It is published by Magna Publications and the topics are good for those new to academia.

Faculty can also use the Teaching Support Knowledge Base in CIDDE. This searchable database allows you to search our catalog of teaching articles. You can even leave comments, or make suggestions for additional resources. We are always adding new articles to the database and it’s open to everyone.

CIDDE’s TA Services offers its own desktop faculty development with a Facebook page that draws on various resources for daily advice about classroom teaching and graduate studies. To subscribe, visit Facebook’s TA Services at the University of Pittsburgh.

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