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Pitt faculty members share their strategies
for achieving higher than average response rates

Life in College Matters for Life After College

Generation Z

The preferences and habits of the Millennial Generation,
those born between 1980 and 1995, have shaped the college
environment for more than a decade, but a new cohort
of students is about appear on campuses nationwide.

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A “Cord Cutters” Guide to the University

Imagine as an instructor being able to walk into a classroom and connect to a display to give your presentation without needing any cables. The idea of ditching the long VGA cable alone is probably enough to get you interested. Now imagine being able have your students work on an…

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Teaching with Case Studies

Teaching with case studies is an effective discussion-based strategy that is appropriate for a wide variety of contexts. Faculty appreciate that case studies give students experience identifying patterns and applying models/theories. Case studies are authentic scenarios that present a problem or issue for students to discuss and solve. Ideally, you…

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Tomorrow’s Learning Spaces at Pitt

As colleges and universities assess the changing landscape of higher education, careful consideration is given to both physical and virtual learning spaces. What will learning spaces look like at the University of Pittsburgh in the future? Online undergraduate and graduate degrees are growing in popularity at many institutions. While Pitt’s…

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So You Want to Provide Captions for Your Videos…

Good for you! Providing captions for your videos can provide vital access to your content for the hearing-impaired, those with learning disabilities, English language learners, and students with learning styles that favor reading over listening. Furthermore, as an institution receiving federal funding, the University is subject to laws that require…

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