Coming Soon…
The University Center for Teaching and Learning

Blackboard Upgrade and Managed Hosting

Beginning August 17 through August 22, Blackboard will be unavailable
as it is upgraded and moved to managed hosting.

Pitt Online is hiring an Instructional Designer who can create dynamic
online courses and help faculty achieve course goals. Apply today!

Social Media and Education

The latest issue of the journal Learning, Media, and Technology
focuses on social media and education. If you’ve been thinking
about incorporating social media into your class, you should
probably take a look at some of these studies.

Provost’s Diversity Institute
for Faculty Development

Faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to
participate in live theatre and movie events that address
issues of diversity and inclusion in the classroom.
For more information, and to register, visit CIDDE’s diversity

Pitt Campus Photos to Download

Tech May Streamline College Administrations

How might educational technology continue to change and shape higher
education? This provocative interview with Michael Staton in The Chronicle
offers some interesting ideas.

Instructional Accessibility @ Pitt

This website offers recommendations and resources to help
you evaluate and improve the accessibility of your course
materials in order to better serve the vibrant and diverse
community at Pitt.

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Coming Soon…the University Center for Teaching and Learning

Things are changing in the world of teaching, learning and educational technology at Pitt. On June 24, Chancellor Gallagher announced the formation of Pitt’s University Center for Teaching and Learning. The new center was announced along with a set of broad initiatives associated with the University’s strategic plan. Provost Beeson’s…

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Remaking Expectations

Another week, another big announcement about maker culture here in Pittsburgh. As we continue on the renaissance pathway (Ohio-related news not withstanding), reports that the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh had received a $1 million pledge from Google towards its ongoing efforts to create educational makerspaces created quite a stir. The…

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Health Care Compliance: A Model for Personalized Learning

The term personalized learning refers to individualized learning, or a unique learning path for each student. Imagine a microbiology course that includes 50 students pursuing very different career paths — students interested in health care careers might complete an online instructional module that is different from that of the students…

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Gamifying the University Classroom

Gamification is one of the fastest growing consulting sectors in the world. Foreign Affairs projects that it will grow from a $242 million industry in 2012 to $2.8 billion in 2018. The most remarkable fact to me is not the 10-fold growth but the fact that Foreign Affairs magazine is…

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