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Destination Diversity - Understanding the Culture
and Academic Preparation: Students from China

Teaching Interactively in Large Enrollment Classes

This interactive workshop introduces easy strategies for class preparation,
designing in-class activities, and implementing educational technology
to promote interactive teaching in large lecture classes.

New for Graduate Students in 2016!

Lessons from 15 Years: Working
to Improve American Education

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2015 Higher Education Edition

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Engaging Presentations with Reveal.js

Know a little bit of HTML and CSS, or at least willing to learn some basics?  Want to go beyond PowerPoint and engage your audience with interactive presentations?  Then Reveal.js might be fore you.  Reveal.js is a free open-source tool that allows you to create impressive HTML slides.  It might…

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The challenge of making a good assessment

When it comes to teaching, most of us are fairly comfortable standing at the front of the room to lecture, or preparing materials to engage learners, or even creating educational content for videos; however, when it comes to assessing what your students have learned, things can become very dicey, very…

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‘Internet of Things’ Expansion to Impact Education

We deal with Internet technology every step of our waking day. Some of us even interact with it passively while we sleep if you use a device that monitors your sleep patterns, blood sugar, heartbeat or numerous other biological processes. Each device that gathers data from things we do and…

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Are your students looking confused during your lectures? Does your course need refreshing? After teaching a course for a few years it is bound to need updating, especially if you have not done so along the way. Here are a few tips for revising your course.   PLAN – Take…

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