Graphic Design

Graphic Design, located in the Educational Technology Center in B-23 Alumni Hall, is the visual design department of the University Center for Teaching and Learning. The department is staffed by an experienced professional who can assist you in all phases of visual design and media production. Our services are available to the university community for the support of classroom instruction, for program support, and for non-instructional uses as well.

Contact Graphic Design for:

    • Instructional and non-instructional media design
    • Presentation graphics for electronic display
    • Graphic design and production for video
    • Design and production of print materials
    • Multimedia design and production
    • Web page and web site design

As is true in any production environment, turnaround is based on current work-in-progress (or scheduled), the scope of the work you have requested, and how much you wish to pay. Wherever possible, our deadlines are driven by your needs; we will do everything we can to deliver your work when you need it. To this end, we ask that you plan ahead. There is an old adage in the production business that runs “Price-Quality-Speed – pick any two.” There is no charge for materials normally used in the classroom: preparation of presentation materials for data display or overhead transparencies, handouts, etc. We do charge, however, for media prepared for non-classroom uses. This would include program promotional materials (flyers, brochures, posters), items used in meetings or conferences (brochures, programs, posters, or display materials), and most multimedia applications (due to the complexity and time investment necessary). Our rates are $60 per hour (Instructional Rate) and $70 per hour (Non-Instructional Rate).

Questions? Contact Alec Sarkas at 412-648-7368.

Poster Printing

Submission: E-mail your file to

Please include your:

    • Name
    • E-mail address
    • Classification (faculty, staff, or student)
    • Department
    • Department address
    • Phone number
    • State if your poster is being presented on or off-campus (see “Costs”)
    • Payment (see “Payment”)
    • List your final poster size in inches (e.g. 48″ x 36″)
    • If you send a PowerPoint file, state if you created it on a Mac or PC

Maximum size: 56+ inches x 42 inches

Costs: $7.50 per square foot at the finished size, plus a $25 (Instructional Rate: poster presented on the Univeristy of Pittsburgh campus) or a $30 (Non-Instructional Rate: poster presented off-campus) set-up/trimming charge.

Turnaround: Our goal is always to have your poster ready for pick-up within two business days from submission during business hours. Due to the high volume of requests that we receive at certain times of the year, this is not always possible. If this is the case, we will notify you at the time that we receive your order. For large orders (more than four or five posters), a two-day turnaround may not always be possible, and we will be happy to work with you to determine a reasonable time frame. We thank you for your cooperation.

Pick-Up Location: B-23 Alumni Hall, 4227 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

Business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Payment: University 32-digit Pitt account number, due at the time of e-mail submission, or a personal check, due at pick-up. If you are paying by a personal check, please indicate so in your e-mail submission and make checks out in the full amount to the “University of Pittsburgh.”

Poster Tips: We recommend that you prepare your material in PowerPoint due to its ease of use, and general availability. If you need a poster larger than the sizes available in PowerPoint’s Page Setup dialog — say 60 inches by 42 inches — work at one-half size (30” x 21” in this example) and we will scale it up to your requested size as we print it. If you prefer to work in an application other than PowerPoint, we can also accept PDFs, but keep in mind that we cannot make edits or corrections to a PDF if there is a printing problem.

Questions? Contact Alec Sarkas at 412-648-7368.

Design Samples