Destination: Diversity

Destination Diversity is a series of innovative presentations on how faculty and instructional staff can approach teaching challenges related to diversity. We bring in (virtually and face-to-face) a collection of voices to spark thoughtful conversation, mindful reflection, and positive action in the classroom. For 2014, we have an outstanding roster of presenters.

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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence

The Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence (ACIE) advises the Provost on the methods to encourage instructional development and teaching excellence at the University of Pittsburgh. It realizes these goals through the sponsorship of special programming and the disposition of grants to faculty members seeking funding for curricular and technology driven proposals to advance instructional development and teaching excellence.

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Summer Instructional Development Institute

The Summer Instructional Development Institute is an annual event or series of events to reinvigorate one’s teaching practice, to encourage conversation about best practices in the classroom, and to implement research-proven techniques for improving student learning outcomes.

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