Teaching Center Liaisons

199370_026_DNG_DSC_0390University Center for Teaching and Learning Liaisons pay close attention to the offerings and activities of the Teaching Center and help us get the word out about our workshops, special events, training sessions, and new system offerings and services. Typically, Teaching Center Liaisons serve for a minimum of two years and are largely responsible for communicating to their group, department, or organization about anything related to the University Center for Teaching and Learning.

Liaison members may be faculty, instructional designers, administrative assistants, business managers, or other staff that typically interact with faculty. We try to have a cross section of University participants, and most importantly we want to make sure that all schools and departments are represented, including our satellite campus locations.

Liaisons should communicate the instructional and educational challenges their departments face, and to help us facilitate solutions for those challenges. This could be new workshop ideas, new educational technology, or a new service. To help facilitate these conversations, the University Center for Teaching and Learning e-mails the Liaison Newsletter approximately once a month in the Fall and Spring semesters, and once in the summer. In addition, we host a breakfast event twice a year where the Teaching Center answers questions, provides updates, and introduces new Teaching Center faces.

If you are interested in serving as a University Center for Teaching and Learning Liaison, please contact the Teaching Center Liaison Coordinator, Laura McCarthy-Blatt at lblatt@pitt.edu.