Directors and Managers

Cynthia Golden
Cynthia GoldenDirector, Center for Instructional Development & Distance Education

As the director of CIDDE, Cynthia is responsible for leadership of Pitt’s online learning programs, teaching support, instructional technology, measurement and evaluation of teaching, classroom technologies, and other academic support services. She serves as a member of the Provost’s Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence, the Provost’s Information Technology Advisory Committee, the Task Force on Online Learning and the Task Force on Undergraduate Education, as well as other campus and professional working groups.

Prior to joining Pitt, Cynthia was Vice President of EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit international association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology. She has also held senior IT leadership positions at MIT, Duquesne University and Carnegie Mellon University. Cynthia served as faculty for the Sloan-C Institute for Engaged Leaders in Online Learning (IELOL) from 2011 through 2013. Currently, she is the director of the Senior Leadership Roundtable at EDUCAUSE, and serves as a faculty member in the association’s New IT Managers program.

She is a frequent presenter at conferences, and author of numerous articles as well as author and editor of the book Cultivating Careers: Professional Development for Campus IT. She served on the Board of Directors of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, the Seminars on Academic Computing, the Northeast Regional Computing Consortium and CAUSE; and served as a member of many professional association committees over a twenty-five-year period.

820 Alumni Hall

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Michael Arenth
Michael ArenthDirector, Classroom & Media Services

Michael Arenth is Director of Classroom and Media Services in the Center for Instructional Development & Distance Education (CIDDE) at the University of Pittsburgh. Michael contributes to the Center’s efforts to investigate, acquire, develop and deliver effective technologies and services to support teaching and learning at Pitt. He directs a staff of technical, creative and administrative professionals who provide an array of services including lecture capture, webcasting, classroom engineering, video conferencing, classroom media and event support.

In addition to standard instructional support technologies, he and his team are currently experimenting with innovative solutions that may enhance teaching at Pitt in the future, including collaborative learning space design, 3D printing, wearable and mobile device integration, motion controllers, cloud based applications, and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

He serves on the Provost’s Classroom Management Team charged with the design and support of learning spaces across campus.

Michael is an advocate for students to ensure easy and equal access to new learning technologies. He strongly supports accessibility standards for media to give every student an opportunity to learn and excel.

Michael has formally presented at campus and professional events including EDUCAUSE and the Consortium for College and University Media Centers, and has co-authored articles published in professional journals. He has worked in instructional technology management in higher education for more than 25 years.

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Lorna Kearns
Lorna KearnsDirector, Online Programs

Lorna Kearns is Director of Online Programs at the Center for instructional Development and Distance Education at the University of Pittsburgh. She oversees the Pitt Online portfolio of more than a dozen online graduate programs across several schools within the University. She is responsible for the design, development, and deployment of all Pitt Online courses as well as faculty development efforts for online teaching. She also acts as project manager for the University’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) initiative. She holds a Master’s Degree in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh and PhD in Adult Education from the Pennsylvania State University.

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Nancy Reilly
Nancy ReillyDirector, Office of Measurement & Evaluation of Teaching

Nancy earned a B.A. degree in Sociology and Psychology in three and a half years from Slippery Rock University. She also has a M.A. degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Educational Research Methodology with an equal emphasis in Measurement, Research Design, and Statistics. One of the cloze reading exercises that she designed for her Master’s Thesis, ”Use of the Cloze Procedure for Monitoring Elementary Students’ Reading Progress” can be found in the textbook, Educational Tests and Measurement: An Introduction by Dr. Anthony J. Nitko. She also completed the coursework and passed the Phase II exams for a Ph.D. in Educational Research Methodology with an emphasis on Program Evaluation. She started working in the Office for the Evaluation of Teaching a year after its inception and also worked in the Office of Measurement and Evaluation before the two offices merged into the Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching. She is a member of the Association for Institutional Research and has programmed using SPSS, BMDP, R, and SAS.

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Joe Horne
Joe HorneDirector, Instructional Services

Joe Horne holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology and Design, and has presented his research throughout North America and Europe. He often examines how technology changes faculty-student interactions and how faculty experience technology in their teaching practice. He also holds a B.M. in Piano Pedagogy and has worked for IBM, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LexisNexis, Georgia State University, and The Galloway School. Joe enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, and yoga.

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Joe Cornibe
Joe CornibeManager, Educational Technology

Joe manages Educational Technology Services within CIDDE. He comes to Pitt from Deloitte Consulting, where he managed a team reporting analytics for a federal agency; and the Air Force, where he led analysts monitoring telecommunications. He earned a master’s degree at George Mason University. When not at work, Joe enjoys reading and building blocks, Legos, and Marbleworks with his sons, completing home restoration projects, and running.

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Gabrielle Dean
Gabrielle DeanManager, Classroom Services

Gabrielle Dean has a Bachelor's Degree from Westminster College in Broadcast Communications. Gabrielle worked briefly for the Clarion Healthcare system at Indiana State hospitals as an Audio Visual & Special Event Technician for patients and hospital staff before she came to the University of Pittsburgh. She joined University of Pittsburgh as a Special Events Technician with CIDDE in 2006. Gabrielle is currently the manager of CIDDE's Classroom Services unit and also serves on the Classroom Management Team.

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Edward Gyurisin
Edward GyurisinManager, Engineering and Systems Integration

A graduate of the Allegheny Technology Institute with a focus on electronic technology, Ed has worked many years as a video production Engineer. Ed enjoys not only working with technology, but collaborating with other creative people. Working with talented and dedicated professionals, Ed’s team designs and builds classrooms and conference rooms at the University – referred to as “Learning Spaces”. Ed is a member of the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Classroom Renovation and currently serves in the successor committee - the Classroom Management Team. Ed feels fortunate to be a part of CIDDE - a diverse and innovative organization.

Some of current projects are: David Lawrence Renovation, Classroom Technology Upgrade, Video Learning Initiative and the AV Credenza Project for the Nationality Rooms.

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Carol Washburn
Carol WashburnManager, Teaching Support

Carol has a doctoral degree in Instructional Design and Technology, and has been involved as a project manager, instructional designer and media designer for over 30 years. She frequently consults with departments on instructional design methodologies, and on program assessment and evaluation. Carol also works with faculty regarding course development including the design of appropriate evaluation measures. Often, course development is followed by observations or consultations to improve teaching.

Carol has a passion for innovative, evidence based course development and teaching. She is a frequent participant of DbSERC, and serves on curriculum committees throughout the university. Carol, along with a co-instructor, received one of the first Blackboard course development awards for course design. In addition to consulting with departments, Carol has also developed university grant funded instructional projects for the American Diabetes Association, The Susan Komen Foundation, and the International Peritoneal Dialysis Association.

In conjunction with faculty from the Schools of Nursing and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Carol designed a successful and innovative MOOC for the Coursera platform, teaching Clinical Terminology to international health workers.

Carol is currently the Manager of Teaching & Learning at CIDDE, and oversees a staff of consultants who are charged with traditional, hybrid, and online course development and faculty development efforts. She also oversees Teaching Assistant Services, and has worked for the past 16 years on the preparation of future faculty.

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Staff (in alphabetical order)

Erik Arroyo
Erik ArroyoManager, University of Pittsburgh Testing Center
819 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-7217
Mary Jane Bent
Mary Jane BentManager, Photographic Services
A-117 IS Building
  • 412-383-7114
Joel Brady
Joel BradyInstructional Designer, Teaching Support
615 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-6671
David Cherry
David CherryMedia Producer, Media Production
B-116 IS Building
  • 412-383-7621
Kevin Craig
Kevin CraigInstructional Technologist, Educational Technology
B-23 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-6451
Carol DeArment
Carol DeArmentSenior Instructional Designer, Teaching Support
619 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-6596
John Guinane
John GuinaneCoordinator, Media Production
B-107 Information Sciences Building
  • 412-648-7227
Joy Hart
Joy HartExecutive Assistant
820 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-1113
Lauren Herckis
Lauren HerckisTeaching Assistant Coordinator, Teaching Assistant Services
618 Alumni Hall
  • 412-383-7152
Elaine McDonald
Elaine McDonaldAdministrative Assistant
835 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-7398
Miranda Meyers
Miranda MeyersInstructional Technology Support Specialist, Educational Technology
B-23 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-5057
Dan Pinsky
Dan PinskyInstructional Technology Support Specialist, Educational Technology
B-23 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-8757
Alec Sarkas
Alec SarkasGraphic Designer, Educational Technology
B-23 Alumni Hall
  • 412-648-7368
Sandra Shearer
Sandra ShearerBusiness Manager, Administration & Budget
836 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-7208
Meiyi Song
Meiyi SongInstructional Designer, Teaching Support
616 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-2896
Mark Vehec
Mark VehecInstructional Technologist, Educational Technology
B-23 Alumni Hall
  • 412-648-7221
Lisa Votodian
Lisa VotodianAssistant to the Director, Office of Measurement & Evaluation of Teaching
B-23 Alumni Hall
  • 412-624-6134
Blaine Walker
Blaine WalkerManager, University Event Support
A-119 Information Sciences Building
  • 412-648-3013
Marc Wisnosky
Marc WisnoskyTeaching Assistant, Teaching Assistant Services
  • 412-624-6592
Mike Work
Mike WorkManager, Technology Services
623 Alumni Hall
  • 412-648-7238