Are you curious about legal issues related to copyright in higher
education? Laura Hillock of the University Office of General
Counsel discussed legal issues associated with copyright in
higher education, including guidelines for what kinds of materials
may be used and how.

After more than a year of renovations, David
Lawrence Hall is open and ready for fall classes!

NMC Horizon Report
2015 Higher Education Edition

Heinz Chapel Renovations

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Are your students looking confused during your lectures? Does your course need refreshing? After teaching a course for a few years it is bound to need updating, especially if you have not done so along the way. Here are a few tips for revising your course.   PLAN – Take…

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One Piece of the Puzzle

Just as one needs all the pieces to complete a jigsaw puzzle, so does the process of evaluating the teaching of faculty needs all of the pieces to complete the entire picture of an instructor’s teaching.  The Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching (OMET) provides one piece of this…

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5 Simple Rules for Making Your Video Stand Out

There’s a lot that goes into planning, shooting, and editing a project. You might have an expensive camera and the latest editing software, but I guarantee that your production will fall short of even the lowest expectations if you don’t keep the basics in mind. Even if the shoot itself…

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There’s a new app for that …

When taking my daily lunchtime walk, I usually don an old CIDDE t-shirt I found in the Educational Technology Center that proudly proclaims “i [sic] have an app for that!” It’s my nod to the 2009 campaign and the CIDDE push at probably the same time to recognize how the…

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