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Conflict Zone

A Groundbreaking Look at War

Bellet Teaching Awards Call for Nominations

This annual award recognizes outstanding and innovative teaching
in undergraduate studies in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts
and Sciences.

Student Engagement Evolution

Student Response Systems, commonly referred to as “Clickers,”
survey student comprehension of course concepts and enhance
student participation in the classroom, particularly in large
enrollment courses.

Student Opinion
of Teaching Survey

Are you looking for feedback about classes you're teaching
this term? Request your Student Opinion of Teaching
Survey now!

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New Media Credenzas Integrate
Technology in Pitt's Nationality Rooms

Improving student learning – this works!

What simple techniques can faculty use to improve the learning outcomes
of their students? What study techniques are many students using that
are completely ineffective?

What do the best college teachers do?

Read this fascinating interview with the author of What the Best
College Teachers Do
, Dr. Ken Bain. Dr. Bain is an internationally
recognized teacher – and we can all learn from his insights.

It’s conference time!

Fall is conference time for many professional organizations and associations. Conferences are a good way to learn about research into new areas, cutting edge technology, new teaching and learning strategies, and up and coming trends in higher education. Conferences offer an opportunity for networking or reuniting with colleagues from around…

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Using Video as an Effective Tool for Teaching and Learning

With the popularity of flipped classrooms and online courses, the usefulness of video as an effective tool for teaching and learning has gained prevalence in many university communities. The planning, practice, and production that goes into a well-developed video project can greatly improve the quality of the finished product, resulting…

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Tweaking Your Class To Prepare for a New Semester

Tips for Tweaking Your Class as You Prepare for a New Semester This is a good time to think about how to take a fresh approach to teaching in the fall. Sometimes just a few “tweaks” can make a course more learner-centered. Here are several ideas that consistently work in…

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Desktop Faculty Development

Desktop faculty development is a term coined by Rick Reis at Stanford, and like many faculty I find that most of my professional development often occurs that way. When I have questions about a topic, I immediately begin a web search looking for common terms. Next I hit the libraries,…

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