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New To Pittsburgh? May We Suggest...

Did you recently join Pitt as a new student, faculty, or staff
member? Are you excited about exploring the remarkable city
of Pittsburgh but not quite sure where to get started?

Classroom Technology:
A History of Hype

Ever wonder how your educational videos
might be used 40 years from now?

What do the best college teachers do?

Read this fascinating interview with the author of What the Best
College Teachers Do
, Dr. Ken Bain. Dr. Bain is an internationally
recognized teacher – and we can all learn from his insights.

Statistics, Educational Data, and…oops

No matter the data, it can misrepresent a message depending
on how it is used.

Envisioning a Future in 3D

Will you and your students soon use 3D printer technology
as a routine part of teaching and learning at Pitt?

Blackboard Day at Pitt:
Save the date and register now!

Improving Instruction with Video

The challenge of making instructional videos is to create an experience that will enhance the learning outcomes of your students. While uploading a lecture to the web is a typical practice at most universities, well-produced videos can provide better student engagement, improved retention, and stronger learning outcomes. Video can show…

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3D Printing in Education

An recent article on gives an interesting look into how 3D printing is being used in education. The article is about Matt Howarth of “Puppetman Productions” and his decision to start teaching students about 3D printing by giving hands-on experience with the technology. Howarth has gone into the classroom…

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You’ve Never Been Tested Like This Before!

The University of Pittsburgh Testing Center is now open in G-33 Cathedral of Learning! We formally opened the doors to the Pitt community on May 12, 2014, and early reviews have been very positive! It’s fantastic to see the artist’s renderings come to life. The image below compares the architectural…

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DIY E-Books Using Open Source Tools

By: Dean Croll & Mike Howie ePub, short for Electronic Publishing, is a type of electronic document with the file extension .epub. It’s a free and open source file type, which means that the file source code is made available under a license from the copyright holder to allow anyone…

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