Spring Term Survey Period Dates:
March 30 to April 19

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Generation Z

The preferences and habits of the Millennial Generation,
those born between 1980 and 1995, have shaped the college
environment for more than a decade, but a new cohort
of students is about appear on campuses nationwide.

ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology

To Lecture or Not to Lecture

With wider adoption of flipped classroom techniques at colleges and universities around the country, some faculty members feel that the lecture has lost its luster. Flipped classrooms rely on students to complete readings and watch lecture videos outside of class with traditional homework-type assignments, short lectures or demonstrations by the…

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When Students Want to be Told the Answers

DbSerc recently sponsored a workshop by Eric Brewe, a physics education expert from Florida International University, who talked about the importance of having students review several representations of a concept in order to deduce the larger model. Rather than explain a principle such as “oscillation,” he recommended having students observe…

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Student Opinion of Teaching Surveys

The Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching (OMET) administers more than ten thousand Student Opinion of Teaching Surveys each academic year. That translates to more than half a million emails sent to students asking them to complete their Student Opinion of Teaching Surveys. What prompts them to respond? Much…

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Classroom, “Content Grammar”

The past two years has brought about a change in philosophy regarding the approach the Classroom Management Team takes renovating classrooms at Pitt. Our previous renovations focused on improving classroom conditions. This included; correcting poor lighting and lighting control, addressing poor acoustics and reducing noise in many classrooms. We worked…

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