The Heartbleed Software Security Vulnerability

Change all your passwords! That was the message we all received April 7, 2014,
when the Heartbleed vulnerability was announced to the world. This hole, in one
of the more popular technologies used to protect web traffic from prying eyes,
caused a scramble by IT staffs to patch the vulnerability, by reports searching
for answers about what was being done to fix the problem, and by the rest of us
wondering what we needed to do to insure that our information was and would
remain safe.

CourseWeb Upgrade

Starting 5 May 2014,
CourseWeb will have
new features for faculty
and students and a
much-improved interface.
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Teaching Online @ Pitt

As we move ceaselessly into the future, technology inevitably changes the way we live our lives and get things done. Faxes have become emails, phones have become computers, and research has moved from silent libraries to the endless expanse of the Internet. So it should be no surprise that technology…

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What’s Coming to CourseWeb in May?

What’s Happening? CSSD and CIDDE personnel are installing several significant updates to the CourseWeb learning management system: Simplified navigation to course materials A unified, easy to maintain event calendar Improved course discussion and messaging tools Streamlined grading for online assignments, blogs, discussions, journals, and wikis Improved editing tools, including an…

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Starting off an Online Student Group Project on the Right Foot

Have you ever considered incorporating an online group project into one of your courses? Perhaps you would like your students to work collaboratively on a document. Maybe you’d like them to compile an annotated bibliography, collaboratively write and edit an analytical paper, or produce a group presentation using GoogleDocs, Courseweb/BlackBoard features like Wikis,…

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